Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Git R Dun Gals

An article in today's newspaper by Kathy Van Mullekom of the Daily Press has got me excited. It seems there are five women in Virginia with a little bit of flexible time on their hands (even though between the five of them they have 12 children and five husband's) With their flexible time they used to just get together and do lunch and talk about all the things they needed to get done. Two years ago they got tired of hearing their conversations always turning to the difficulty of getting everything accomplished in their life. Their garages were cluttered, they had rooms that needed painting and their yards begged for attention. When they discovered they were all in the same boat they decided to do something about it. The five gals decided to get together twice a month, usually for three to four hours in the morning and help each other with projects. They rotate houses each time they meet. One person creates the schedule and they do whatever the hostess wants or need done. So far the women have stained a fence, painted rooms, cleaned an attic, organized a garage, raked leaves, ripped up flooring, stripped wallpaper, and even put out brochures for a husband's business. They are at least the third or fourth time through every one's house, doing something that really needs done. They believe they save each other at least $300 a month by doing all of this together. Not to mention the fun they have cracking each other up and catching up on family news while working. I think this is a smashing good idea.....any takers in Tuscaloosa?
I would love to be a part of a group like this. (I would have to be sick on the stripping wallpaper day, however!) Here are some tips for setting up your own group:
1. Keep the size of your group manageable: Five is a good number because you get a lot done without tripping over each other.
2. Keep your projects realistic: talk about your goals, and agree on them before you begin. Find a meeting date that suits everyone and maintain it so everyone can schedule their other activities.
3. Keep it fun: talk, laugh, and have fun while you work. Keep an open mind, positive attitude and sense of humor.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting, but that picture is not the Git R Dun Gals.

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