Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just a little Lovin' for a Salvation Army cast-off!


While I was looking for pot and pan lids at the Salvation Army this weekend, I found this little girl looking all raggedy and lonely looking. For a twenty dollar bill, I brought her home. Did I take a before picture? Of course not. Only organized minds would think of that. Let me describe her. She had only two drawer pulls hanging off off of her. It didn't matter because her drawers didn't open anyway. She was an oak piece with a few gouges, scratches and sad tears. Okay, no tears but she was pitiful. I had a couple of hours today and dressed her up all pretty like in a nice turquoise outfit. New knobs from Lowe's and some work on her drawers so she functioned. Two hours later, she's sitting in the garage all dressed up and no where to go. Maybe she needs to live at my beach house under the beachy planked flag that I painted from the same color of paint. It's Woodlawn Blue from Benjamin Moore. Smitten.

Fence Post Flowers from upcycled junk.

The Trash Can Annie's have been at it again! My friend Carol and I hit the thrift stores looking for old pot and pan lids, serving plates and everything trashy and metal. We even had to drink a few beers for the sake of our project. (We needed the beer cans) We were making flowers to put out along our fences and on stakes in our gardens. Carol is really the crafty one. She lets me use her power tools. My husband hides his from me. We didn't get done but here are some pictures of a few we did and some Carol did on her own. All we did is use tin snips to cut the lids after we pulled off the lid tops. Then we started layering pieces and crimped a few with some crimping shear. We painted some and left some shabby. Next we drilled a hole and screwed them together. The best part is - no watering needed with these flowers!

Here are some more from Etsy stores I found on the internet!


Monday, August 1, 2011

More staging pcitures of Cabin Rental

Here are the final pictures from my staging job a few months ago of that converted apartment above the horse barn. It is now a vacation/football game weekend rental. We did it most of it with thrift store finds and paint. Of course, I cannot find my before photos of these rooms. But I hope you enjoy the after pictures and it encourages you to keep thrifting!

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Beachy Bedroom

Beachy Bedroom

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Shabby Chic Living Room
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Shabby Chic Dining Room

Shabby Chic Dining Room