Sunday, January 3, 2010

10 home trends you can bank on in 2010

(This was published this morning in the Sunday Tuscaloosa News by Stacy Downs of the McClatchy-Tibune News Service)

Is glamour dying? At the very least it's being redefined during an uncertain economy as we approach the next decade.
"There's a change away from the hip modernism that we've borrowed from hotels with all the Lucite, mirrored furnishings and bright yellow and turquoise geometric carpets", said interior designer Peter Dunham of Los Angeles, who's clients include Ben Affleck. "We want comforting things. More American pie, less flash in the pan."
So what exactly is in store -and will be in store - for our homes in 2010?

1. Black on Track. Black walls, black furniture, even black upholstery.
2. To Grandmother's house we go. We'll see more patchwork quilts, hooked rugs. needlepoint and chintz.
3. Graffiti furniture. These are "reinterpreted antiques" by graffiti artists using spray paint and imagination.
4. Made in the USA. The made in the USA label will resonate strongly with buyers and buying more local items is better for the environment.
5. Homestead Chic. Reclaimed wood, burlap-style grain-sack and rustic linen pillows. These all mixed with industrial style style furniture with wormed-holed unstained wooden pieces.
6. Flea Market Frenzy. Many made their first visits to flea markets and thrift stores in 2009, a trend that will get even bigger this year. A recent visit to the Salvation Army turned up 48-cent pieces of classic creamy Ironstone dishware. Look for tons of books on flea market style decorating.
7. Innovative Recycling Recently President Obama commissioned a $4,800 recycled chandelier for his daughters' room at the White House. Look for old items to be repurposed in new ways.
8. Design magazine evolution - new mags like Domino and
Metropolitan Home.
9. Converging like crazy. We anticipate more design apps for smart phones. In 2009, Sherwin Williams introduced color-matching software. take a picture on your IPhone and match it to a paint color.
10. Laughter-inducing items. Whimsy and imagination added into our homes to tickle our funny bones.

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