Monday, June 28, 2010

You're gonna put that where??

I drug home this old battered table this weekend that I fell in love with last weekend. I thought about it all week but wasn't sure if I should spend money on my house when I was supposed to be shopping for my booth. I decided that if it was still in Birmingham next weekend and they would sell it to me for next to nothing, it was meant to be mine. After restocking and fluffing my booth Saturday, I trekked the 50 miles to the little antique store to tempt fate. Lo and Behold, there she was. Waiting for me. On sale. On clearance sale. For next to nothing. When I got it home I immediately started sanding the top in the rain. I just knew there were pine boards under all that paint. Bingo! I left the bottom all chippy and creamy white. Just like I like it. Then I asked Dave to help me move out the beautiful oak lowboy in the living room and move this in. He just gave me one of those looks and sighed. I'm loving my little shabby table.


Bart, Jeni, Jessica, Brian and Chelsea said...

Very cute table; I think it was worth the 50 mile trek!

Susan said...

Oh, yes, my friend. It was meant to be! I love that you saw its potential but held out for a killer price! SO BEAUTIFUL!
I found a fantastic couch at the thrift shop a couple of weeks ago. I had my husband pick it up for me. That's why I can so relate to your husband's sighing and funny looks! Oh, have I been there! :) But I love my new couch just like you love your new table!
Have you been by yet to enter my little giveaway? Stop by! :)

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