Monday, June 7, 2010

Make-over for a built in

I have mixed feelings about "built-ins". Unless they are high end cabinetry, I think they give a spec. home feel to a house. Spec homes can be very beautiful. They just aren't for me. I like to pretend that I live in a little, quaint cottage. I don't. It was custom built for someone else. It was a well loved home and needed nothing when we moved in a year and a half ago. Except it needed to become a reflection of me and my family. This is the second home that we have moved into that used to belong to a prominent family in town. It takes a long time before people quit asking you if you live in "the Baxter's house" (I made that name get the idea) After a while, you want to scream, "No, I live in the Richardson house!" It's all the little things you do or change that make it feel like you have put your signature on your home. With the built-ins, we added beadboard behind the shelves and covered up all the peg holes on the sides where you can adjust the shelf. We used spackling. We took out a bunch of shelves to give it a different feel. I'm tolerating the built-in better now. After a year and a half, it feels like home now and no one has asked me if I live in "the Coach's house" lately. However, yesterday someone did ask me if I lived in that house with all the junk stacked up in the garage! (I'm sorry in advance to the family that lives here after us.)

Before we moved in (Picture from MLS):After:
Beadboard painted antique white


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh the after is so much happier!

susan said...

Sue-That is so much better. I love the beadboard and that you varied the size of the spaces! I have never lived in a brand new home and know what you mean!

Sue said...

Oh, I like this look waaaay better than the original. You did a really nice job of placing everything, too. Thanks so very much for coming by for a visit and for signing up as a follower. LOL- I just came in from attempting to organize the garage a little bit. It is FULL of my thrifting finds. I have to get into gear and start re-purposing them for resale. ACK.... when will I have the time? *grin*

Deserae said...

It looks gorgeous! We live in a well known house in our town too. In fact no one even refers to us by name but rather by the name of our house so I can totally relate. Have a great week :o)

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...


nannykim said...

What what a difference!

Comrade Ade said...

You have the best ideas and such an eye for design. Before you posted this, I actually made my sister watch your video. She needed ideas for shelving and your before and after video was the coolest!

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