Monday, June 7, 2010

29 nail holes & 11 pictures later....

I've finally found that perfect "thing" to hang above my bed. I wanted something soft and romantic to go with the room atmosphere. Everything I tried stuck out or called too much attention to the object. I found these wonderful scratch off vinyl decals at "Studiojk" on Etsy (Lordy, I need to learn how to make a link...sorry) Anyhoo, my husband tells me they were easy to hang. He wouldn't let me do it since I don't use a level (hence, the 29 previous nail holes) and this one you only had one chance to get it right. Those weren't good odds for me. I also got three little birds that I have perched on an old sign in my entry. Sometimes it's the little touches that add so much!


Deserae said...

What a gorgeous bedroom you have....simply stunning! The monogram above your bed is the crowning touch. Oh,and the little birdies perched on your sign are so cute too :o)*sigh* What can I say,I love everything! LOL

Bonnie said...

I had to laugh as my husband is the perfectionist in the family and I just eyeball it!! He measures and levels everything and I can end up with many nail holes!! I have relinquished the crown of hanging to him!! Love the monogram and the whole bedroom! Thanks for sharing.

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

Hi, Sue!
Had to laugh--I USED to NOT use a level, but after staging/redesigning/organizing with my hubby for a year after he was laid off (he has since gone back to work out-of-the-house thank goodness ;), I learned to use a level. Before that, I made more like 59 holes!
I love your room!!
I also love decals!
I am also a stager and redesigner here in Greenville, SC!
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Click LINK (it's underlined) in the task bar at the top of the blogger post box.
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Click OK.
Now, if you have already figured this out by the time you read this comment, the instructions were a figment of your imagination ;)
So nice to meet you--you got me as a friend now whether you like it or not!
~Blessings to you as you make your home!
P.S. I really like your on-line magazine!

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