Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What to do with all those old bottles? Colored Vases!

I went through a phase a few months ago where I couldn't pass up a good flea market buy on old glass bottles. (And a few not so good buys!) Do you go through phases like that? For some reason, some crazy thing will tickle your fancy for awhile for no particular reason. Then when your fancy isn't tickled by it anymore, you're left looking at all the former objects of your affection wondering, "What the heck was I thinking?" I saw this article in a craft magazine and thought it was a great idea to make my old bottles prettier. Warning...it is a messy job! But the bottles are so feminine looking now. So now I have a whole bunch of pretty pastel bottles (that I still don't have the foggiest idea what to do with!) A girl only needs so many vases, afterall.
What You'll Need:
Glass jars and bottles
Paint - it called for oil based but I used latex
Mineral Spirits for oil based, water for latex

Take a selection of bottles and wash them in warm, soapy water,
Water down your paint a bit - or add a little mineral spitis if oil based paint.
Pour a small amount in your empty jar and swirl around carefully until the paint covers the entire inside surface. Pour away any excess paint.
Let the paint dry completely.
Wash up!


Restyled Vintage said...

hehe, I can relate, I did this to a jar a few weeks back and loved it so much that I grabbed some more a couple of days ago...they are still sitting on my kitchen table in their original state, staring at me, lol. Trouble is, it is winter here in NZ and the last one I did took ages to dry. They look fantastic once done though, don't they!
xx Karen

SKVD6 said...

I love your blog!!! i love anything shabby chic. :) What a cute idea!... We have a family reunion this weekend... last night i took a bunch of mason jars and put them around the house & back deck filled with flowers! :) SKV6.BLOGSPOT.COM Shannon Danis

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

hi sue- this is a great idea! i have seen it before but wonder how well the paint sticks? when you put water and flowers in there does the paint stay on well?
also, wanted to answer your question.... i always prime my pieces first. the paint adheres better and it prevents stains from bleeding through.

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

What an awesome idea! Hmmmmm....where do I have some empty jars and paint???? Off to the basement I go!

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