Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sue Stages Opryland Hotel!

Okay, not the whole hotel And they didn't exactly ask me to do it. But what's a Stager to do when the convention is over and she's sitting back in her room? Stage it, of course! Relax, I'm really not that obsessed with staging. I just thought this might give you a laugh or two. Everything I used was in the room. Make that in the hotel. I did have to do a miniature version of dumpster diving. Not real dumpsters. I needed some props. Do you know they glue their pictures to the wall? Like somebody is really going to try and take them off! (on second thought, never mind) After I had exhausted pulling out everything out in the room, I took to the hallways. First stop was the room service tray outside the door down the hall waiting to be picked up. Yuck. But it had some pretty little flowers in a teeny tiny vase. Perfect. I'll take that. The flower arrangement that I placed on the desk took a little bit more hunting down. Hmm, which room were my friends Todd and Sarah staying in? (Palin, that is. They're here for the Tea Party Convention) Using a bit of detective work, I found the "everybody-who's-anybody floor." They didn't have rooms, they had suites. And just as I expected, a (once) beautiful bouquet of purple tulips was set outside the door on bombay chest. (Sorry, Sarah. I owe you one.) I did add my pashmina shawl to look like a throw and my traveling blankie. But that's it. I'm debating whether to leave it this way for the maid to appreciate or move it all back. I'll sleep on it. Bed Before
Bed After
Desk Before
Desk After


Mary Nell said...

Good job Sue

Living With Lindsay said...

Okay, this is entirely too hilarious! I love that you staged your hotel room. hahaha

I enjoyed meeting you at Blissdom, if only ever so briefly!

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