Monday, June 20, 2011

Dining room update

Since my bed is still unmade, I'll post my dining room pictures today. I bought the two black pieces in my dinng room before I decided to do a white and linen house. Now I was perplexed with what to do with the dark dinng room colors. No way was my generous husband going to let me buy a new buffet and hutch when I had just purchased these less than a year ago. So I tried to incorporate the dark with white dishes in the hutch and lighter chair back slipcovers. I also had to deal with a BIG window that looked out to a brick wall. We live in a garden home and our neighbor's wall is about 3 feet from my window. Cozy. Since I crave light, covering up the window wasn't an option. I disguised it the best I could while still keeping it open.


InĂªs Pereira ( said...

Quite lovely your dining room! I love all the details on it!
That is why I always say perfection is on the details! :)

Anonymous said...

pretty! i once heard a decorator say that every room needs one piece that is black. it grounds the room. im not exactly sure what that means but your room looks beautiful, very inviting...and isnt that the real reason we decorate?

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