Friday, April 30, 2010

And just what does a modern day Plantation look like?

Listed new on the market today - meet Maxwell Plantation in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. This 12,000 square foot dream home overlooks the river. Listing price is $2,500.000. Too bad they missed the deadline for the first time home buyer's tax credit! It's a beautiful estate but I have two observations. First, why couldn't the realtor have a professional take the pictures in a listing of this magnitude? I had to touch up every picture in my photo editor because they were too dark and they are fuzzy. I think I would have thrown in a virtual tour for the commission she will make. Secondly, the home has a septic tank and no sewer system. It's seems to me that the "plantation owners" could afford to pay the city to install a sewer with the kind of money they obviously have. Never mind. Reading further it says this is only their "weekender".
Look at the graffiti ceilings!

Love the memo headboard.
You wouldn't think a tangerine colored ceiling would work, but I like it!
Love the architectual headboard!
Can you find the television set?
I don't typically care for built-ins, but these aren't your typical builder grades,

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Comrade Ade said...

I am loving your blog! Thanks for sharing!

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