Sunday, August 22, 2010

A farewell luncheon to summer...

Oh, I'm so ready to bid farewell to summer. Won't you sit down for a drink of sweet tea with me to toast to the end of long, hot, sweaty days? I won't miss painting in the garage with the heat index reaching 110 degrees. The paint globbed and thickened and my brushes dryed while I was painting with them. I know that I'm being a bit premature in bidding adieu to summer this early in Alabama, but a girl can dream. I'm dreaming of crisp fall air and pumpkins and the smell of neighbors burning leaves. Swoon. Oh and I almost! Roll Tide...right into the fall.


Ellen said...

Yeah, I'm almost ready and can so relate to the sizzling heat and thick paint in the brushes in the garage.. oh so there and melting. Hi, I'm your next door neighbor in Nashville, TN. I have a arm load of in-laws in Bama who all shout "Roll Tide" and do the wave from GA over to us in TN!

Love your blog; hopped over from the frog to say hi!

Sue Richardson said...

Ellen - I know you have felt the heat too in Nashville! It's hard to have any desire to paint when your head is pounding and your dripping with sweat. Here's to a swift summer exit and a great SEC football season. I like your new coach! Sue

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