Thursday, July 22, 2010

When One Door Closes...

...a junker like me is sure to pick it up on the side of the road. I've been decorating with old windows now for some time. Most of you have. Lately I've been seeing old doors displayed in homes in so many magazines. They have probably always been there, but I wasn't seeing them. Saturday, I found an old white beaded board door and knew it was time. I loaded her in my Maxima (it's amazing how creative you can get at hauling something if you're not afraid to look silly) and off we went to break the news to Mr. WLH that he was going to need to hang this monster on the wall. He took it well and hung it with few problems on his end but I didn't like it. The boards used on back to hold it together made it stick out from the wall. ICK. So I had Mr. WLH take it back down and hang it backwards. (Oh yes, and he had to take the doorknob off - which was an old spool- and switch it to the back, too) He rehung it backwards and now it lay flat but wasn't very pretty. Mr. WLH said old barn doors weren't made to be "pretty". Never mind that. I asked him to take off those boards on the back so that I could turn it back around on the pretty side and he laughed and told me that is what is holding it together. So here it is... in all it's gory...I mean "glory". My first door. She's going to take some getting used to but she's growing on me. I don't dare tell Mr. to take it down. Just yet.




The Pennington Point said...

I love old doors. I have several propped around the house. You sample pictures are fabulous! I just want to jump through the computer. Lisa~

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

I like it! As you decorate around it, I think you will like it better!!

Bart, Jeni, Jessica, Brian and Chelsea said...

Lovely! Hope you enjoy your door!!

Alaina said...

The door looks great, I love the color and texture of the door. I too have seen some great pictures of doors hung on the wall. I even have a few in the shed that are waiting to be PUT somewhere.

Cfmommy said...

I really love your blog and the ideas :o) Thanks for your posts!

MommaHensCoop said...

I wanted to let everyone that I "follow"; don't forget to come over and enter my giveaway! Today's the last day :D

Brandy said...

I love old doors, trying to find some to build a new headboard with. Love your blog!

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