Thursday, May 27, 2010

French Country Chair Make-over...Beauty & the Beast!

Let me just start out by saying the "Beast" was the staple gun...not Carolyn, my partner in crime! The "Beauty" was the pretty little chair with the delicate ruffles we created when we were finally through. You may remember my post last week where I found this chair at an estate sale and it was one ugly Betty. I had every intention of dumping her on Carolyn (who is my Seamstress Goddess) and getting her back all gussied up and pretty. Not. It seems my ambitious and enterprising friend thought it was time I learned how to operate more than just a paint brush. So together we tackled the old gal and we became our own version of the "Get Er' Done Girls" We had a lot of fun even though our husbands thought that as long as it took us to do this chair, we surely need to sell it for thousands of dollars. And I learned two important lessons: Staple guns can be considered dangerous weapons in the wrong hands and ruffles are a girl's best friend. They cover up a multitude of sins.

Before Picture: I think my prom dress in 1977 was made out of this shiney mauve material. We decided to ditch the extra cushion and opted for adding foam to the seat. We used fabric glue to glue the back on after an unsuccessful battle with the staple gun. Did I mention I hate staple guns?And she's almost there...just a little rough around her edges. Isn't she pretty? She's hanging out in Carolyn's backyard waiting for someone to buy her for thousands of dollars to make our husband's happy. Just kidding... she is safe and sound in the house waiting to go up for sale in our soon to open etsy store!


Lou Cinda said...

I SERIOUSLY love this! It is absolutely gorgeous!! Seriously!

Lou Cinda :)

Sue Richardson said...

Thanks Lou Cinda...I seriously LOVE your blog. Just signed up to follow! It's great! Sue

Susan said...

I wish I had found that chair!! Great makeover! The ruffles are FAB!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

It is beautiful, great job!!


Linda Blalock said...

It turned out beautiful. You and Carolyn did a great job. I'm sure someone will fall in love with it and have to have it.

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Awww, love this! It's perfect!

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